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Maddy Fanning

Business Development Consultant
BECI Denver

Are you a pessimist, optimist or realist and why do you think it helps you make the decisions you make?

Optimist, for sure, with a hint of realist. I’m a dreamer believing everything will happen and it will be wonderful. The realist side of me takes action to make the dream a reality.

Which one of the 4 Core Values do you identify with the most and why?

Servant and people – I think the two go together. People are incredibly important but being a servant to others is the key to building successful relationships. I find serving others brings greater rewards to both parties.

What are 3 words you could use to describe yourself?

Welcoming, tenacious, and vibrant.

What is something that your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

I have a karaoke mic in my purse just about everywhere I go.

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