We leverage our 35+ years of experience to meet your unique needs and provide the best building envelope consulting in the country. Our extensive knowledge and team approach allows us tackle a wide variety of projects and challenges.

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Of all the choices you have to ensure the integrity of your building envelope, BECI is the most sensible.

BECI provides purposeful and attentive building envelope consulting services to help optimize all six sides of your building. We are client-focused, using our team’s extensive knowledge to help you set and meet your goals. We filter everything we do through the lens of our 4 core values (People, Knowledge, Servant, and Balance) so that we can retire our customers and employees. We do this through our BECI Sensible ApproachTM utilizing our three “C’s” of Context, Consistency, and Clarity. This methodology enables the fastest-reporting turnaround time and most competitive pricing.

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BECI’s balance of Context, Consistency, and Clarity allow us to make sure that when we recommend something on a project, it’s the Best Fit. Start working with today to realize why our unique 3 step approach allows us to make sure you are building the best project for your budget.


Connect with someone from our talented sales team. At BECI we put people first and can give you a thoughtful and detailed explanation of what we can accomplish for your building or new construction project.


We will work with you to assess best approach to solving your building envelope problems. BECI is committed to only offering the services that make sense for your project and for your budget. We want to partner with you to ensure you are using your precious resources wisely.


Once the plan is set, we pride ourselves on execution. Our team has exceptional work ethic, knowledge, and experience to ensure you receive the best service with response times that beat our leading competitors.


Quick. Professional. Zero Nonsense, 100% Peace of Mind.

Our team is proud of our broad scope of building envelope consulting expertise ranging from new construction, to historic renovation, to big box stores. Our specific services can help accomplish major goals for any and all sides of your building.

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New Construction Consulting Services

  • BECI has developed a sensible process to be the best enclosure consultant for any new construction project. Don’t create something that will require unnecessary maintenance in the future. Let us be a second pair of eyes for your project to optimize what you build.

    Learn More About New Construction Consulting Services >>

  • Building Enclosure Testing Services

  • Don’t wait until there’s a problem to fix. Take advantage of the testing services we offer. Our combined inspections and industry-standardized testing ensure the performance capability of important building enclosure components.

    Learn More About Building Enclosure Testing Services >>

  • Asset Evaluation & Reserve Studies

  • Having accurate financial documentation and planning is crucial for any business. Our experts help you better understand the condition of your biggest asset and plan for its future maintenance. Let us help you make accurate plans that account for all the details.

    Learn More About Asset Evaluation & Reserve Studies >>

  • Restoration Design & Contract Administration

  • Don’t get caught up in the details of paperwork. We offer Document Development and Contract Administration Services for contractors, designers, developers, and property owners. Let us help you speed your project along without the worry of managing the day-to-day of a complicated construction project.

    Learn More About Restoration Design & Contract Administration >>

  • Roof Consulting

  • Whether you are optimizing a functional roof or fixing a large issue, expertise and knowledge that is not trying to sell you a new roof is vital. We offer accurate, dependable, and economical roof consulting services on all types of membranes and roof coverings. Our expertise is trusted and extensive.

    Learn More About Roof Consulting >>

  • Exterior Condition Surveys

  • You need to be sure that all six sides of your building are built and maintained properly. Our trained building enclosure professionals will help you make sound, informed decisions related to building enclosures. Our sensible approach is something you can count on.

    Learn More About Exterior Condition Surveys >>

  • Quality Assurance Site Visits

  • Don’t let anything fall through the cracks. Ensure quality workmanship and proper construction with well-planned and timed QA inspections. Our team of experts is trained to be thorough and quick in all their reporting.

    Learn More About Quality Assurance Site Visits >>

  • Forensic Investigations

  • We offer expert-level forensic investigations. Our team takes a systematic approach to determine the root cause of issues and provides sensible solutions. When you’re faced with difficult situations where this service is necessary, you can feel secure knowing that you’re working with a company that puts its clients first.

    Learn More About Forensic Investigations >>

  • Planned Maintenance Programs

  • We offer Planned Maintenance Programs for all types of properties throughout the country. Areas can become hazardous when left unmaintained. Let us help you plan for continual and structured maintenance to help avoid larger and more costly issues in the future.

    Learn More About Planned Maintenance Programs >>

  • Drone Services

  • Gather data from the sky! Drone Imagery is an innovative solution that can provide modern inspection data to owners and builders. Our team will set up the process and guide you through the useful information we are able to gather from our Drone Imagery equipment.

    Learn More About Drone Services >>

  • SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspections

  • SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspections are required for all Florida condos to ensure that they meet necessary standards and regulations. These inspections identify any issues or deficiencies that may impact the finished product. Ensure compliance with Florida condo legislation by performing the necessary inspections before the 2024 deadline.

    Learn More About SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspections >>

  • Design Peer Review

  • For projects large or small, an independent Design Peer Review is a vital step in the construction process. Let our team of experts advise in even the early stages of design. We’re happy to leverage our team’s extensive industry knowledge to help develop whatever you are working on.

    Learn More About Design Peer Review >>