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Josh Tatum, PE, RRC, RRO

Chief Operations Officer
BECI Nashville

Favorite Quote/Motto/Verse:

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

What is something in your industry that you hope you can fix, improve or grow?

Awareness of what the Building Enclosure is and why it is important to the end User.

What do you like about working for BECI?

The People. I thought I enjoyed the Business because of the Problems that we help People solve, but I realized later that the real joy was in the Relationships formed through the Years.

Which one of the 4 Core Values do you identify with the most and why?

Knowledge is Power. There is no supplement in our Industry for Knowledge. As a Consultant, specifically a Building Enclosure Consultant, our Clients expect us to have the Answer when they Ask.

What is something that your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

I have cried (once).

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