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SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspections

SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspections are required for all Florida condos to ensure that they meet necessary standards and regulations. These inspections identify any issues or deficiencies that may impact the finished product. Protecting the investment of developers and future condo owners, these inspections ensure compliance with state regulations. Contact us for more information about our SIRS/Phase 1 Milestone Inspection services for Florida condos.

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After the tragic condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, the Florida state legislature took swift action to implement inspection reform to mitigate the risk of a similar tragedy in the future. As of May 27th, 2022, Florida passed several laws to keep building safer in the state by requiring specific inspections and funding mechanisms. These new Florida condo laws mean significant changes for building owners across Florida, all within a relatively short time.

This article will help you understand the new laws and how to take the correct action now to ensure you are in full compliance. It’s a confusing time for everyone affected, and we can all use some extra clarity. Our experts dove through the 88 page document and outline what you need to know so you can focus on making your building safer instead of deciphering the wordy documents.

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