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Exterior Condition Surveys

There are several reasons to perform an exterior condition survey. If you are preparing to launch a planned maintenance program you will need to know what the condition of your facility is in order to establish a starting point for the maintenance and to establish a budget for the needed repairs. Whether high rise, historic, commercial, multi-family, or any other type of building let BE-CI become a valuable member of your facility management team.

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As a property owner or manager, you may suspect that you have issues with your building enclosure but are uncertain to what extent these issues are affecting the building. Or maybe you are purchasing a property and need a due diligence inspection. Whatever your reason may be, BE-CI’s trained building enclosure professionals are able to provide you with the information to make sound, informed decisions related to building enclosure.

Prior to performing your condition survey, we will review the available documents that detail the history of the project’s construction and maintenance. We can then tailor our onsite survey to meet your needs. Whether it’s a visual survey, infrared investigation, or a survey that incorporates destructive testing, BE-CI can do it all. After performing our field work we will generate a report that will identify the location and condition of the conditions observed, their anticipated service life and general recommended corrective action for prioritizing possible restoration work.

Large Project or a Quick Fix? We Do it All.

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