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Design Peer Review

One of the most important steps in the overall design and construction process is an independent Design Peer Review. BE-CI has a proven track record of providing dependable and sensible recommendations on exterior envelope design and detailing to Architects, Engineers, Owners, and Contractors alike. As a member of the project team we meet with our clients to determine their specific needs on a project and tailor our comments on the exterior envelope to not only be in accordance with industry standards and best practices, but also the specific construction needs and desires of our clients.

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The Design Peer Review typically takes place in two phases designed to work together to alert the Client to specific building enclosure issues and helps eliminate costly mistakes on the front end. The first phase is to make sure the documents have enough detail and clarity to allow field personnel to build the project.

The second phase is where we dive into the details and provide sketches and recommendations on layering, sequencing, and selection of materials to insure the project is designed to perform to the standards set forth by our clients. Our Design Peer Review report offers a complete evaluation of the specifications and details and is followed up with a meeting with the Client and designer to discuss and review the results. Context, Consistency, and Clarity is how BE-CI strives to achieve our strategy of Providing a Sensible Approach to Building Enclosure Solutions. Let us apply these principles to a design review on your project today.

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