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Unlock a new era of building maintenance with the Active Maintenance Partner (AMP) Program, designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of property management. Our comprehensive suite of services addresses everything from routine preventive checks to complex repairs, ensuring your facilities are maintained with precision and efficiency.

Streamline the coordination of maintenance tasks and significantly reduce managerial overhead with AMP’s integrated service offerings. Our program consolidates various maintenance needs under a single management umbrella, simplifying logistics and freeing up your time to focus on other critical aspects of property management.

Prevent costly emergencies and extend the lifespans of critical assets with proactive maintenance strategies that detect and address issues before they escalate. Our approach minimizes the likelihood of expensive, unplanned repairs and downtime, ensuring that your maintenance budget is spent wisely and effectively.

Enhance your property’s market worth consistently through thorough upkeep and the integration of advanced technologies like Skand. Regular, high-quality maintenance not only keeps the property functioning at its peak but also appeals to potential tenants and buyers, boosting its long-term value.

Leverage the detailed, accurate data provided by Skand’s digital twins to make well-informed maintenance decisions. These high-resolution 3D models offer unparalleled insights into the condition of your property, allowing for precise planning and implementation of maintenance tasks. This technology-driven approach ensures that every decision is backed by reliable data, reducing guesswork and enhancing efficiency.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your property maintenance is covered—from routine inspections to rapid response for emergencies. Our comprehensive services ensure that no detail is overlooked, maintaining the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your property at all times. This all-encompassing coverage is designed to keep your facilities in prime condition, safeguarding your investment and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

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We’re happy to answer any you have on this program. Our goal is a long-term relationship with our clients and we ensure you have all you need to make the best decisions for your maintenance needs.

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Annual Assessments
Monthly Site Walks
Building Model Scans*
Pre and Post Severe Weather Inspections


Advanced Annual Assessments
Advanced Monthly Site Walks
Advanced Building Model Scans*
Advanced Pre and Post Severe Weather Inspections
Advanced Asset Tracking


Premium Annual Assessments*
Premium Monthly Sire Walks*
Premium Building Model Scans*
Premium Building Model Scans*
Premium Asset Tracking*
Financial Forecasting

*powered by Skand 3D digital twin technology

Harness the Power of Skand with AMP

In our Premium service tier, AMP integrates the groundbreaking Skand technology to transform traditional property management. Skand employs advanced 3D photogrammetry and aerial drone captures to create high-resolution digital twins of your property. This not only speeds up the inspection process but also enhances accuracy, providing you with detailed insights and the ability to track changes over time.
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