Construction Company Growth Strategy

Construction Company Growth Strategy

Sustainable Growth: Steering a Battleship vs. a Speedboat

How do you combine four very different personalities into a leadership team working toward a common goal? What kind of resolve does it take to make changes to a strategy that is already working? Listen as our guest, Joseph Ferrell, shares with us how his company made surprising decisions on change, why “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and why every leader needs people who will speak unfiltered truth into their life and organization to spur continued success.


Joseph Ferrell built his career as a project manager at two other firms before going to work at Building Engineering-Consultants, Inc., a building envelope consulting company that specializes in preventing and repairing water intrusion in commercial buildings.  In 2007, when BE-CI decided to expand to Houston, Texas, their first expansion out of their Destin, FL, headquarters, they hired Joseph for his expertise related to design, project management, and on-site quality assurance. Only six years later, Joseph was invited to become a member of BE-CI’s Board of Directors and invited to buy in as a partner. In 2019, Joseph became Chief Executive Officer. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a member of C-12, a Christian business leadership development and business coaching group. He and his wife, Jill, live in the Cypress, Texas area with their two children.

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