Roof Consulting

“I appreciate their work as project managers immensely and in the fact that they always strive to keep me updated throughout the entire project.”
– Bob Chaffins, Board Member

Roofing technology today can extend the expected service life of a roof and create savings long after the warranty is gone. The key to both is finding an experienced and objective third-party roof consultant. We can determine the condition of your present roof assembly and make appropriate recommendations for roof leak repair or restoration.

Wind damage on roofs is expressed in negative pressure as high-velocity wind passes over the top of the membrane. Since wind speeds greatly increase with high rise buildings, they must receive special attention. Roof installation can vary greatly in quality, so the best way to measure the actual performance capability of a roof is with field testing.

In all wind events, the roof is the most vulnerable component and is at risk for both exterior and interior damage. What’s more, warranties and building code requirements are often misunderstood because of the numerous combinations of roof membrane and insulation configurations available, the many details that go into roof construction. Third-party roof consultants provide owners with facts that allow them to make informed decisions about these complexities. BE-CI has established a reputation of trust and reliability for our ability to work closely with those in charge.

BE-CI provides professional engineers and roof technicians with experience and specialized training that distinguish them from other consultants – including Registered Roof Consultant (RRC) and Registered Roof Observers (RRO) credentials from the Institute of Roofing, Waterproofing, and Building Envelope Professionals (RCI).

The vast majority of roof replacements are contracted directly between the owner and a roofing contractor. Such arrangements may leave both the design and quality assurance of a new roof to the lowest bidder, or to a contractor who paves over this obvious conflict of interest with the promise of an extended warranty.

Between the hundreds of available roof membrane solutions and the inherent complexities of roof design, the safest approach is to hire a consultant specially trained in roof construction. This professional can select the system that best fits the owner’s needs and perform quality assurance testing to make sure they get the best possible service life performance from the products they purchase.