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Asset Evaluations and Reserve Studies

Building upkeep and maintenance is often one of the most significant expenses to owners, management associations, and large corporations. Individual unit values and replacement costs are often significantly impacted by the owner’s level of maintenance and upkeep. Knowing what to do and when is often complicated, but our team can help.

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Our process starts with thorough onsite observations of the components as directed by the client. During these site observations, our experienced team of engineers and consultants evaluate the general condition of the elements to establish their current state and need for maintenance. We also assess the remaining service life of the components and make recommendations for the best course of action to remedy any issues observed.

Once we’ve established the asset’s current state, we can produce an accurate reserve analysis. The reserve analysis provides a financial blueprint and quotes for an asset’s future to ensure that the owner, management association, or investment group’s long-term plans can come to fruition financially. Knowing what to save each year prevents out-of-budget building expenses. We provide a written report addressing all the observed components and include photographic exhibits of each element. We also report on the following:

• Spreadsheets indicating each component’s remaining useful service life
• Estimated Cost to Repair or Replace
• Projected Annual Contribution
• 20-year outlook identifying the optimum time to replace or repair each component

Whether you are a large corporation that owns thousands of properties across the United States or an owner of a single building, we can provide you with expertise and clarity on the condition of your biggest asset and plan for its future maintenance.

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