Window Waterproofing Case Study

Window Waterproofing Case Study

Client Saved $1,000,000

Read on to find out how!

Window Waterproofing Tests

Our BE-CI team was consulting on a large construction project in Florida. The construction team was about to install windows from a well-trusted vendor and didn’t expect any issues. BE-CI recommended performing several water tests on the windows, at various milestones, even though the construction team hadn’t experienced any problems with these types of window installations in the past.

BE-CI was engaged to perform standardized water testing and found the windows unexpectedly failed during several tests. Without having the testing performed, faulty windows and improper installation issues would have leaked extensively during even a small rainstorm, not to mention a hurricane.

The Cost of Leaks

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Considering that Florida is hit by more hurricanes than any other state and based on our team’s experience, we estimate leaking windows like these would have caused extensive damages and repairs to exterior walls and interior finishes exceeding $1M.

The Solution

Luckily, our team caught the issue on this project before the storm. After we presented the results of testing to the construction manager, he sent the faulty windows back to the vendor for repair and they discovered a rare flaw in the manufacturing causing the windows to leak.

The vendor sent new windows that quickly passed the standardized water testing protocols, requirements, and the project continued on smoothly.

``If we hadn’t been on the site, the building owner would have lost millions.``

The Value of Testing

In construction, design, and manufacturing, even the most trusted vendors and contractors can make errors. It’s important to take account for human error and perform necessary standardized testing, at various milestones.

A building is an incredibly costly asset and having to repair extensive damage can be financially devastating. For commercial buildings, the cost to repair damages and the loss of potential profits during the restoration time is enormous.

Insurance coverage helps with some of the cost, but the payout often doesn’t account for the full extent of the financial loss.

When it comes to the design, construction, and manufacturing, the old saying is true, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“.

With this project, it was clear that spending thousands on prevention, saved millions in damages.

Our Team

At BE-CI, our team of expert engineers and building enclosure consultants can perform industry recognized and standardized testing on nearly every aspect of a building’s envelope.

We know how important it is to test potentially problematic areas like windows, doors, or any point where two materials connect.

If you want to protect your building’s future, we can partner with you provide the testing you need.  Contact us today.

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