Historic Restorations

Historic Restorations

Expertise To Preserve The Buildings Of The Past

Building failures can happen and carry a high cost – especially for historic buildings. In order to best preserve the immeasurable value of historic structures, it’s always wise to work with experienced building envelope consultants.

Our team at BE-CI has extensive experience with all types of historic structures and proven history of assuring their legacy and foundation remain.

The key to preserving the integrity and value of historic assets is to begin with a clear understanding of the original construction methods and materials. Each structure truly has its own personality. These buildings will react differently on new stresses or other environmental issues. In order to assure the continued value and lasting legacy of these structures, its vital to understand how these perspectives come together.

Dorsey Pierce – Senior Project Engineer II / Master of Preservation Studies.

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At BE-CI, we partner with our owners to bring them the best value – no matter the age, type or location of their project. And we are committed to providing the quality of service and results that keep them coming back.

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