Exceptional designs require greater attention in both initial construction and routine maintenance. BE-CI assisted with the difficult task of correcting several issues with the original construction of this Florida condominium and then developed a maintenance plan and reserve study to carefully monitor the progress of the major components.

The system that BE-CI set up was based on third-party inspections with detailed recommendations for extending the expected service life performance of critical building materials and systems, then adjusting the reserves accordingly.

The reserves are developed with a continuous twenty-year prediction so that each year the up or down adjustments are made based on the inspection recommendations that assure funds are available when needed. BE-CI considers  predictions in excess of twenty years to be unreliable in coastal areas, given the extremes of chlorides, radiation, and severe weather.

The BE-CI third-party concept provides the association continuity with the maintenance plan even as ownership, boards, and employees change. In addition, it protects the association from the possible bias from  contractor or supplier recommendations or the judging of maintenance employee performance.