Office Buildings

BE-CI was retained to solve chronic leak problems that had prevented the owner from leasing office space in the seven levels above a ground-floor banking facility. The construction consisted of structural steel framing, face brick veneer, and large sections of continuous curtain wall made up of separate glazed units. The roofing included a combination of steeply sloped standing seam metal and a more gently sloped single-ply walk out roof below.

The BE-CI condition survey indicated serious flaws – not only in the assembly of the individual curtain wall units, but also multiple defects in the masonry wall construction and roof detailing – that would require a comprehensive building restoration plan to provide weather-resistant integrity to all floor levels. BE-CI developed construction documents to address all issues noted in our survey and negotiated with a general contractor selected by the bank to perform the work. We also performed extensive water testing throughout the project to prove the performance of the areas being restored before construction moved to the next level.