With new construction, BE-CI services normally begin with a peer review and assistance with the final detailing of the materials that make up the building envelope. The peer review offers a written report with recommendations and notations concerning the fine tuning of the construction documents. The report is often followed by a conference, with the design team pointing out the areas that although properly detailed, should be closely monitored during construction.

BE-CI will participate in the pre-construction conference where special emphasis can be placed on areas of the construction that we have recognized as being problematic. Our experience suggests that when contractors are notified and prepared for such conditions, many problems are eliminated before they can begin.

To assure proper execution of the details during the construction phase, BE-CI provides periodic quality assurance inspections that are most effective when performed at the beginning of wall or roof construction. Other inspections are timed to coordinate with critical details as noted within the peer review – and to provide onsite problem resolution when necessary.

On occasion, we provide field testing to prove performance of a system or component after installation. BE-CI has purchased and maintains an extensive line of testing equipment to help identify problems and to prove performance of building components. Our testing equipment includes infrared thermography, numerous methods for testing moisture intrusion including ASTM E 1105, and electronic devices as well as coating thickness gauges.

BE-CI takes pride in the fact that our multi-family construction clients consider BE-CI to be part of their design team for current and future projects.