600-Unit High Rise Condominium

Like so many projects we serve, this one started on the roof. A condominium manager called in a bit of a panic because the insurance company for his 34 story, 600 unit tower was about to cancel his policy because of “roof defects.” The “defect” turned out to be the damaged remains of the original roof. The damage had resulted from a hurricane and the developer had not replaced it.

At the Association’s request, BE-CI designed a replacement roof assembly, took bids, and managed the installation. While the roof replacement was underway, the manager asked BE-CI to perform a complete Condition Survey in preparation for possible litigation.

The BE-CI survey reported a general failure of the sealant applications on every floor level where the EIFS walls intersected with the cementatious stucco, requiring extensive rebuilding of the EIFS-to-stucco wall intersections and total replacement of sealants. In addition, significant moisture intrusion and damage to interior finishes was attributed to poor vent detailing, requiring all exhaust vents to be replaced.

The owner took bids and selected contractors, and BE-CI provided complete contract administration, including periodic field testing and problem resolution as construction continued. We performed additional field testing and limited destructive investigations to bolster the conclusions and recommendations we had provided as litigation support. BE-CI inspected the pedestrian bridge leading to the parking garage and certified it as required by the state of Florida. We also provided a detailed Reserve Study and Planned Maintenance Program with spreadsheets indicating the amount each owner would be charged for deferred maintenance and ways to extend the service life performance of each major building component.