Community Involvement

One of our clients invited our founder and CEO, Jim Fell, Sr., to join the board of directors for the nonprofit Fresh Start for Children and Families. The organization had very little money and was housing clients in six donated but extremely old apartment units. Within two years, BE-CI obtained a grant to build new facilities to house Fresh Start’s clients and provide services to help them to find jobs, save money, and attend classes promoted by Jim to address the specific needs of each client.

Three years later, Mr. Fell became Chairman of the Board for Fresh Start and worked with BE-CI to secure another grant and a loan to construct a second building to serve as affordable transitional housing for clients preparing to go out on their own. This plan has resulted in an 80% success rate in helping clients stay self-sufficient and independent.

BE-CI continues to support Fresh Start with donations and pro-bono work, and Mr. Fell remains on the board. Most recently, BE-CI donated a truck to support the new Fresh Start thrift store, Repeat Street.

Bruce Goddard, one of the senior engineers for BE-CI, has used every vacation since 1998 to travel to Haiti with the H.E.R.O. organization to work with Engineers without Borders and Doctors without Borders to build clinics and schools in Haiti.

In 2013, Buster Marohn and Jim Fell, Sr., joined Bruce in an effort to find affordable housing for those still homeless three years after the earthquake. With the help of a Florida manufacturer, BE-CI provided plans for structural steel insulated panel homes and is currently working with HERO to raise more than 1 million for a production plant in Haiti, thus providing both homes and jobs for the Haitian people. This project is still underway, sponsored by H.E.R.O., where Bruce Goddard is now President.